fredag 3 februari 2012

My review of "Warrior"

Now hear me out.. I think this is one of the top films of 2011. Why? Well, let's start out with the fact that it contains as much emotions as all "Rocky" films combined into one. Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton will blow you away. If you haven't seen Tom Hardy in "Bronson", you should not be allowed to even have an opinion on Tom Hardy as an actor, it's the role of his career. When you'll see this film, you will realize why Tom Hardy is becoming a household name and why he was cast in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises" as "Bane". This guy will easily get the fame he very well deserves! What's spectacular is that Tom Hardy suffered a broken toe, a broken finger and broken ribs during the filming of this movie. So what you see in this film.. is really what you get! But much praise to Joel Edgerton as well who actually tore his MCL in his knee while filming which resulted in halting fight scenes for six weeks!

But the real star is Nick Nolte. I really did not think Nick Nolte was going to receive an Academy Award nomination because the Academy has this really annoying habbit of not acknowleding actors for the kind of roles that they should be acknowledged for. Nick Nolte's acting, especially in that one scene in a hotel room, will literally make you say... "Damn...!" out of pure impressment. The interesting thing about Nick Nolte is that the studio did not feel comfortable with having him be a part of this film, but the writers, Gavin O'Connor and Anthony Tambakis (who happen to be the neighbours of Nick Nolte) stood by their word and by true camaraderie, they earned him an Academy Award nomination in the end.

Director Gavin O'Connor also co-wrote the screenplay which is what makes this thing so much more awesome! It's on IMDB's top 250 at # 145 and very well deserves to be on there! The fight scenes are easily some of the most realistic fights I've ever witnessed on film! The fights are filmed in a very documentary like fashion, which makes it all that more authentic.

Now to the sad thing about this film... it was a box office failure. I personally blame the marketing team. The trailer is absolutely horrible, it spoils the whole film and reveals things that should not be revealed. Therefore, I have NOT attached the trailer to the review of this film, if you think you've seen the greatest film based on any sport, please don't look up a trailer and just trust me on this one... Just get a hold of it and watch it. You will thank me later.

This film might easily become a cult film in the future but that's how it works in the world of movies. Many don't realize the greatness of a film right away. Audiences will have to watch this film and realize the greatness of it in good time so that it will one day be considered a "cult film". Or maybe they just have to let it "sink in"?

This is easily one of the best films I've ever seen... and that alone should say a lot.

My rating: 10/10 all the way!

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