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My review of "Beginners"

When you're watching a movie with the theme of homosexuality, you can't help but think finding any hints of homophobia. So is this film homophobic? In my opinion not at all. It's the story about Oliver Fields, played by Ewan McGregor, who finds out his father Hal Fields, played by the awesome Christopher Plummer (who's oscar nominated for this film), is gay and that he has terminal cancer. Obviously, as Hal was married to Oliver's mother, this comes as a shock to him and he has to go through a completely new experience and see his father as a new man. He has to come to term with his homosexuality, he has to prepare to see his father deteriorate in front of his eyes... At times it may seem a little homophobic but it's mostly because he's seeing his father as a new man and thinks he's been living a lie, which makes him more angry, you can fully understand his character. Though it is an amazing film for both gay and straight. It's a movie about love and acceptance and so much more...

I think Christopher Plummer is brilliant, give this man an Oscar already! His chances are big... as they should always be. He's a living legend who's only now getting the recognition he should have been getting years ago! But Ewan McGregor is just as amazing in the film and should be getting recognition as well.. Mélanie Laurent is charming as ever! Goran Visnjic makes me realize what a great and loveable actor he really is!

This film is great, I loved it. It's actually one of the most unique films I can ever recall seeing, mostly because of the brilliant narration by Ewan McGregor as well as the unique way of telling the story by director Mike Mills, who also wrote this film. The film is actually based on director, writer Mike Mills' experiences with his own father who also came out as gay and went into a relationship with a man after Mike's mother had died.. So it's a very personal film for Mike Mills.

Oh, also, the Jack Russell is a legend in this film, to me, easily one of the best things about the film!

The film is not for for everyone however. People still have a problem with seeing homosexuality on film, I personally have NO hard time doing so and I'm absolutely comfortable with my sexuality. I'm happy more and more films about homosexuality are not about targetting them with bullying etc. It's looking quite well considering it's being more and more acceptable on film even. But there are always those people...

It's absolutely worth a look but in the end, what you really remember about this film is Christopher Plummer and Ewan McGregor. But I love low budget films, a film is considered low budget until it hits the 15 million dollar mark (yes, it's silly isn't it?) and this film "only" cost 3,2 million dollars to make.

It should absolutely be watched for the sake of Christopher Plummer, a legend, a star, a true deserving Academy Award nominee. But Ewan McGregor got snubbed of the recognition he should have gotten... It's quite depressing, but that's life...

My rating: 7,9/10

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