fredag 3 februari 2012

My review of "A Better Life"

Before seeing this film, I had zero expectations. I had heard there was some Oscar buzz so I thought I'd check it out.. and I am happy I did! When I saw the film, I thought to myself, Demián Bichir just played the role of his life. His performance literally moved me to tears and that doesn't happen very often. His acting is very emotional yet it's so very genuine, there are no faux emotions. You can imagine my happiness and content when I found out he had been nominated for an Academy Award. Whenever that happens to actors who aren't exactly known world wide, it always makes me genuinely happy for them because most of the time, all the same actors get recognized and nominated for an Oscar. This time, they acknowledged a true underdog and I'm happy they did. The ending will make all the right emotions run through your body, that is if you're human at least.

It's the story about Carlos Galindo, a gardener in LA who is doing all he can to keep his teenage son, Luis, away from gangs. He works hard and tries giving his son the life he himself, never had. When Carlos' truck is stolen, they have to do everything they can to find it.

The thing about this movie is though, it's quite disappointed in the fact that it's mediocre. The true thing that makes the film stand out a little is in fact, Demián Bichir. I am not saying the other actors are bad, not at all, they just don't make a very lasting impression on you. It's directed by the awesome Chris Weitz, writer and director of "About a Boy".. unfortunately, Chris Weitz did not have any involvement in writing this film, if he had, I'm sure I'd be writing a completely different review, it would be much more powerful. However, at times, it gives you great adrenaline. Likeable characters that make you really root for these guys.

If you should want to see this film, a very good reason would be you'd be introduced to Demián Bichir, a very deserving Academy Award nominee. I hope to see much more of him soon! It's worth checking out.

My rating: 6,5/10

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