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My review of "The Tree of Life"

This has got to be one of the most unique films I've ever seen... and writing a review for this film is anything but easy. This is either one of those films people will love or really despise, which category am I in? To tell you the truth, neither. Now some people are gonna say this movie makes no sense and to them it doesn't. But the thing is, it sticks to your mind. I saw this film two days ago and did not want to write a review right away because I felt I needed it to soak in a little. I needed to process what I had just witnessed, because it really is a unique film. When I studied filmmaking, I stumbled upon a very interesting thought on film, and I do not remember who said it, do forgive. Basically it said, if a movie is on your thoughts for more than 24 hours, it's a good movie. "The Tree of Life" has been in my mind twice as long, no, that doesn't make it a fucking brilliant film. That makes it unique and very ballsy filmmaking. Because that's what I think "The Tree of Life" is. Kudos to Terrence Malick for doing something different, for telling a story in a way that has people talking still and will have people talking for years to come, especially if it wins an Academy Award.

Well, actually, it's two stories in one.. one is the story about the beginning of time, how it all was created. The second story is about a family with a strict father, played by the brilliant Brad Pitt, and a quite, naive mother, played by the breakout star of 2011, Jessica Chastain. Then of course we get to see their kids grow up and be taught a few of hard lessons by their father. These two stories are webbed together.. for some reason. There's a lot of religious mumbo jumbo involved too appearantly.

The film is nominated for three Academy Awards. The cinematography is absolutely brilliant, breathtaking and is frankly a solid win. The cinematography, the cosmic scenes reminds me of "2001: A Space Odyssey" right away. But the other two categories, which is "Best Achievement in Directing" and "Best Motion Picture of the Year" are discussable.

I'm gonna have to say I was quite angry when I was watching the film and a bit confused, it would just jump up and down in editing, you would see a mountain and then a cut to an office building etc. I'm pretty sure editing this movie must have been living hell for the editor. However, this film reminds me of "The Fountain", although I enjoyed "The Fountain" much more. I would actually advise you to rather watch that one. It's one of my favorite films of all time.

I can't help to think that this film is a lot of wasted potential.. I personally think Brad Pitt was the greatest thing about this movie. He was intimidating as hell playing the strict father and I actually think he rather deserves an Oscar nomination for his role in this than for "Moneyball". In the first few scenes where Brad Pitt appears, he displays more emotions than he does in the entire film that is "Moneyball". Although don't get me wrong, he was great in "Moneyball". Then there's Jessica Chastain who is great as always, truly a star who will be massive in the future, she's in everything! Sean Penn plays the troublemaking son when he's older but it feels like they've wasted his time by using such a great actor for such a blank role. The child actors were all amazing as well..

The only thing you can do is to actually watch the film yourself and then give an opinion on it.. but don't say I didn't warn you. The thing with "The Tree of Life" is I think it has a lot of similarities to "The Fountain" because "The Fountain" too wasn't really that accepted when it hit the cinemas, but then people watched it more and realized how different it is and how we should celebrate the beauty of difference. Though, if some people had trouble understanding "Inception", which I had no trouble to do, you are in for a trip that's going to make your head spin and will leave you cross-eyed. No matter if you liked this movie or not, you have to give it much credit. Acknowledge the film for what it is, because this really is art, just not the right amount of art for everyone.

My rating: 6,9/10

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