tisdag 7 februari 2012

My review of "Margin Call"

This is director and writer J.C. Chandor's first Hollywood film and it's a complete homerun! What an amazing film for a "first". Absolutely brilliantly written, it is even nominated for an Academy Award in the category "Best Writing, Original Screenplay". Unfortunately it's in for some tough competition. But the film is very brilliantly written, very sharp and edgy. Some of the dialogues sting in your ears when you hear them being acted out so very well.

The films is a drama/thriller based on the final 24 hours during the first stages of the financial crisis. We're shown the very ugly way and truth of how rich people toy with our money. Yet they still get to walk away with big bonuses because in today's society, bad behaviou is accepted and supported. Surely you would have thought someone can't make a movie about the financial crisis without pissing a few people off by making it too "cheesy"... well, J.C. Chandor could and he did. Regardless of him winning the Oscar or not, he is one to keep your eyes on in the future!

The cast contains many heavy hitters, there's Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Stanley Tucci (who's brilliant in everything he does) Paul Bettany, Zachary Quinto, Simon Baker, Penn Badgley and Demi Moore. "Gossip Girl" alumni Penn Badgley is surprisingly good with his emotions and Demi Moore is easily replaceable. Her role was actually meant for Carla Gugino, who if she were cast, would be better, I'm convinced.

Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, with this being a movie about the economy, there's going to be a lot of economical mumbo jumbo talk that you won't understand... While there are "grown up" words, J.C. Chandor has found a way for you to fully understand this film. Thanks to the great ways of a brilliant director and writer.

An amazing and impressive Hollywood debut from an up-and-coming star of a director. This is either a movie that's going to bore you or get you excited... I'm in the second category personally. You have to give much credit to J.C. Chandor. While it's not fully a masterpiece, I just can't praise him enough. See this film!

My rating: 7,8/10

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